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The summer months and rainy periods are when the mosquito population booms, creating a serious biting nuisance and health risk for families and businesses. It’s crucial to carry out mosquito control measures as soon as possible to reduce the population and prevent them from taking over. 

With health concerns very much in the spotlight right now, it’s more important than ever to prevent mosquito populations from growing quickly and becoming a huge problem for homes and businesses – especially if you’re preparing to reopen, or make your premises suitable for customers to return to. We can provide mosquito solutions to prevent these biting pests from annoying customers and negatively impacting your reputation and income.

Why use Rentokil

We have over 25 years of experience in controlling mosquitoes. Our Vector Centre of Excellence brings together our experts from around the world to share best practice, support innovation and develop new solutions. They’re backed up by specialists in our Global Research and Development Centre, keeping us at the forefront of mosquito control for homes and businesses.

We’ve protected venues/events such as the Rio Olympic Games and worked with the US Centers for Disease Control to provide mosquito management solutions that protect people wherever they are. And we’re trusted by our customers worldwide to deliver safe, effective solutions.

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How we control mosquitoes

Rentokil focuses on urban mosquito species, particularly the Aedes species. We train
our technicians in identification, mosquito behaviour, monitoring and control, so that
they use the most efficient and appropriate control methods for each situation.

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Mosquito Management for business

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Supporting the fight against malaria

Rentokil Initial is proud to support Malaria No More UK in the fight against malaria. It is hard to think that a child dies every two minutes from a disease.  What makes the statistic even more chilling is that the disease can be prevented for less than £1 per person. We encourage you to visit the Malaria No More website and get involved in the fight against malaria.

Learn more about Rentokil Initial's work with Malaria No More