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Rentokil South Africa employee performing pest audit in food processing industry

Pests in food processing guide

As the leading pest control experts we work proactively with businesses in the food sector to help prevent infestations, deal with outbreaks, stop further contamination and mitigate the risk of future pest infestations. Download this guide to find out more.

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Pest control from Rentokil for the food retail business

Pest control for your food retail business

The food retail sector is the most important part of the food chain from a consumer safety point of view as it is the last step before food reaches the consumer. It therefore has the greatest responsibility for ensuring food safety, traceability and consumer information. Download this guide to find out more.

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Stored Product Insects infographic from Rentokil

Stored Product Insects infographic

Stored Product Insects, or SPI's, can infest a variety of stored products including foods such as grains, cereals, dried fruit, nuts, seeds and even tobacco. Download this infographic to find out how this affects your business. 

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Store Product Insects (SPI) - Always a Threat Whitepaper

Stored Product Insects whitepaper

Stored product insects (SPIs) are different from other food pests. They’re generally so small that you may not notice them without close inspection and they’re a constant threat throughout the year. Get this whitepaper to learn more on these pests and how you can combat them.

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Returning to work after covid-19 lockdown checklist by Rentokil for pest prevention and control

Return to work after lockdown checklist

Prepare for a safe return to the workplace after lockdown with this checklist, fill in the form to get your free copy.

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Bedbug prevention checklist by Rentokil

Bed bug prevention checklist

Worried about bed bugs in your space? Use this checklist to help prevent bed bugs.


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Pre-audit pest control checklist from Rentokil

Pre-audit checklist for your next pest control audit

These 9 essential steps, put together by the team at Rentokil will help you to prepare for your next pest control audit. Download and use this checklist as a guideline but remember to supplement these steps with your specific auditing requirements.

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ZA - Rentokil - Email Image - Mosquito Webinar

Mosquito Management Webinar

Rentokil was extremely proud to host a webinar for Sub-Saharan Africa on Advancements in the Fundamentals of Integrated Mosquito Management (held on the 25th February, 2021) with international speakers from UK charity, Malaria No More UK. Watch the recording here.

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