Prevent pests in your business

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Pest Prevention Checklist eBook for your Business

Find out how to prevent pests in your business with this eBook containing all of our 'Pest Prevention Best Practices' checklists.

In addition to the checklists, you will also learn about where the most common areas of your premises are that pests like to occupy, and the signs to watch out for.

Checklists included in this guide:

  • 14 Best Practices: Bar Cleaning & Sanitation
  • 12 Best Practice: Roof Inspections
  • 11 Best Practices: Equipment Maintenance
  • 10 Best Practices: Dumpster & Garbage Area Maintenance
  • 10 Best Practices: Employee Personal Item Storage
  • 10 Best Practices: Mopping & Floor Care
  • 10 Best Practices: Receiving Areas
  • 9 Best Practices: Shared Walls & Ceilings
  • 9 Best Practices: Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance
  • 9 Best Practices: Odour Management
  • 9 Best Practices: Sealing Exterior Cracks
  • 8 Best Practices: Grout Maintenance & Repair

Stay one step ahead of the pests - download your copy today to ensure hygienic and pest-free premises for your staff and customers.


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